Born July 20, 1988 in Indianapolis, IN, R&B artist Tiggy was destined to make moves in music. Graduating from Lawrence Central in 2007, music always found a way during his high school career from show choir to musicals and more. Performing since the age of 16, Tiggy has certainly made a name for himself as a talented music artist, opening for artists such as DMX, Slim (112), Future, Dondria, & Lloyd. Coming from a small immediate family, Tiggy’s mother Tamarah Sears was a constant musical influence in his life, with whom he credits for his singing ability. Growing up without his father, Tiggy’s mother struggled to provide for him & his siblings, but always encouraged him to follow his musical dreams. After years of learning to harmonize and read sheet music, Tiggy began recording at 16 and eventually gained local success with the hit song “Freak You,” in which he was the featured vocalist. “Freak You” could be heard on every Indiana radio station, in every venue across the state, and other areas of the Midwest, where the song was an instant hit. Tiggy felt that Midwest was and would forever be his home, but change was needed. He took his talents to Atlanta and made a name for himself as a talented and integral individual in the music industry. Not only is Tiggy an artist, but a writer as well. Tiggy prides himself in being a writer first, artist second. As a writer, he not only writes R&B music, but pop tracks also. Tiggy’s writing credits extend to the following artists: Bay area legend Mistah Fab, up & coming artist Mark Battles, and Huey. With such musical influences as Tyrese, Jamie Foxx, Tank, Usher, Michael Jackson, Isley Brothers, and R. Kelly, Tiggy’s music is quite diverse. This diversity is showcased in Tiggy’s first project, “My All” where one can hear a range of genres from pop to R&B to Neo-Soul. Not only as an artist, but as writer, Tiggy intends to be great and do great things through music. Since moving back to Indianapolis, Tiggy has continued performing, writing, and has recently created his independent label & brand, Fly Republic. Fly Republic consists of multiple artists with a wide array of musical abilities. With an ear, talent, and voice to be reckoned with; watch out for multi-faceted artist and writer Tiggy as well as independent label Fly Republic in a city near you.