Slator Blacc is a rapper that has songs that narrate his truths of growing up on the west side, being raised by a strong women, and dealing with his own self awareness/paranoia with society. He also has songs that illustrate his growth as a performer, and as an artist; making the melodic tune Done Told Y’all (track 3 off Black Foot Ronin). Slator Blacc is a wise young man trying to have his art take him and his crew around the world.Slator Blacc started Live Great Die Awesome Records in 2015. Since the formation of the group Slator has dropped two projects, Chasing 98 and Black Foot Ronin. Chasing 98 released his senior year in high school. Black Foot Ronin last August. More music to be dropped this year by LGDA Records, especially the highly anticipated record coming from LGDA Records’ youngest member Lord Ra. Slator Blacc is a great performer, and has been apart of over 30 shows in the last 3 years. These took place in many places, most of the shows being very DIY, letting the art speak for itself. A few highlighted shows include his infamous Uhaul Shows, his string of shows hosted by Daydreamers Escape , and the Sold Out Listening Room Show.


Black Foot Ronin