Welcome to your Connect Page. The Connect Page is one of the most important elements of your REETUNE Music Membership. This one page allows you to connect your fans to the most important elements of your music journey which include your social media profiles, music streaming services, e-commerce offers, and upcoming events or showcases. The Connect Page was design to give you all the power of a traditional e-commerce website for a fraction of the cost and no manual upkeep on your behalf. Just send us the content and we will manage it for you, so lets get started. This section is for your artist bio and below this section you will find an area that will hold all your music a visual content. Please send over your bio as well as links to up to 3 of your latest musical projects which can either be a single or full album. You are also going to want to send over the direct YouTube link to your latest music video or online interview. All this information as well as any additional social media links can be sent to us at Next you are going to set-up your events page and e-commerce store by selecting the EVENTS and SHOP tabs at the bottom of your page and completing the sign-up process for a free BandsInTown account and SquareUp online store. These third-party accounts will allow you to keep fans up to date with your most recent events and e-commerce offers. We also added some additional links below regarding setting up a smart.url for your music and purchasing a $1 domain name for your website. For any assistance just give us a direct call at 704-968-1464 and we will be happy to walk you through the process of finalizing your page. I thank you again for letting REETUNE be apart of your music journey and we are excited to assist you in owning your independence as a music creator.