J Bryant is an Artist who has no limitations across the hip-hop landscape. Born in the late 80's J Bryant has experienced the many phases hip-hop has transitioned into and from and has become a true architect of the art-form. Growing up his favorite group was Outkast due to the fact their musical style could be felt from the lyrics to the production of the records. This inspired J Bryant to master his craft on the mic and on the boards, taking after other producer/artist like BIG K.R.I.T & Pharrell Williams. His ability to be both a producer and lyricist has already opened doors for J Bryant to be credited for his musical works on several episodes of the hit cartoon series "The Boondocks". He is also known for the many collaborations he has been apart of with Regional Artist located in North Carolina area. As a proud father of four (4) children, Kayden, Braelynn, Ava & Autumn, J Bryant is more motivated and focused than any other time in his life to attain his music journey.