Hello im A.Mcfly a recording artist. Im from Sweet Home Alabama but reppin the QueenCity Charlotte North Carolina . im 34 in age and been doing music since 14. I make alil of everything and i listen to everything as well . music played a big part of my life. It like my Second set of parents . i write & record , working on making beats soon of later and playing instruments. I created my own label cause of the meaning of it . Art= advertising Real Talent & Music= Making U See In Color . so with me and my team its more than just about the Music. I just dont want to be know i want to make a change in ppl lifes somehow. God gave me a great gift and that was to be a great character and make the world smile. I would love to thk everyone who been rocking & watching me , and to the ones just now meeting me welcome to the world of Art. , the journey been great and it only get better. So kick back and enjoy the ride !


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