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80 Reef

Born in the South Bronx (February 6, 1991) 80 Reef is an upcoming emcee and film director. Raised in the mecca of Hip-hop , 80 unintentionally picked up on rapping, along with other elements of the genre. 80 recalls rapping being "something we just did". Even today he will admit that he spends most of his days mentoring and coaching middle school students. Of course 80 reef is serious about his craft, but he doesn't believe in staying in the studio 24 hours a day. He believes in living life, creating opportunities for his family and friends, and always traveling to experience more. " You have to live life, and then create the music.. its always fresh that way". What stands out while listening to his music is his melodic boom bap and witty lingo over different instruments. His lush tonal delivery has the vibe level on high. 80’s mixtape, Enemy at the Gates (March 2013), is a work of art. While the production is just decent on each track, it allows 80’s lyrics to shine through. The standout songs on the 10 track tape include Reach For The Top and More-N-Less, a song where he laments on life in the ghetto and the pitfalls of success. “I ain’t complaining where I come from / I grew up up on that tough love / I heard a n***a with a cape played the top floor / but I ain’t never met a hero if there was one.” 80's latest EP, Beneath the Willis Bridge (April 2015), takes its audience on a first hand tour of living in the South Bronx. His choice of production and concepts, mixed with his witty story-telling, turns into a creative and retro work of art. Instead of the typical "hard knock life" of living in the inner city, 80 goes completely left and turns growing up in the projects as being better than staying in a penthouse. "There is endless celebration that inner city communities can relate to across the country." 80 Reef has also started to direct short films and music videos. He even shot, directed, and edited his own video for "Echoes in Time (Dear Mott Haven), where he takes his audience on a first person view a day in NYC Housing. Reef has also began to teach his closest friends how to shoot and direct, saying that " when you learn something cool, put ya homie on and teach him how to do it. That way everyone is putting in work. If those around you master their craft, then your team becomes stronger, and we can retain ownership."