The Connect Page allows artist to place all of their musical and entertainment content on one platform making it easier for listeners to consume their material more efficiently. This one page includes an Artist bio, (3) social media links, (3) music streaming links, video archiving, an event link, a link for any third party e-commerce store front, and can accept booking request.

In this video we walk you through all the features and functionalities that are comprised in the "Connect Page". You can also click below to view a live demo for yourself.



Ideal for Artists who are beginning to release music or have a limited amount of original content

  • Written Artist Bio
  • 3 Music Links
  • 3 Video Links
  • 4 Social Links
  • Connect Third Party Store
  • Connect Third Party Events
  • Smart Url Setup
  • Unlimited Page Updates
  • Custom Domain Forwarding
  • Estimated Setup 24 Hours

If your interested in getting a Setup please fill out the form below or call 704-968-1464 for more details.

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